• Sell Mineral Rights
  • Lease Mineral Rights
  • Sell Working Interest

1280 Royalties, LLC (“1280″) is a private energy company, formed in February of 2013.  We are focused on the acquisition of mineral rights and royalty interests (“Royalties”) in our Nation’s premier oil and gas states, including: 

  • Colorado
  • New Mexico
  • North Dakota
  • Oklahoma
  • Texas
  • Wyoming

1280 may offer lump sum payments for Royalties which in many cases may amount to 10 – 30 years payout, depending on your current monthly income. Our team of oil and gas professionals have decades of experience in working with owners such as yourself.

Call our office and press 2 to speak with Kari. Office: 303-770-6040 or email us: 

We encourage you to email us the following information before calling:

  • Location of your Royalties: Township, Range, Section, State, and County, etc.
  • Copy of your most recent royalty check stub 
  • Copy of your oil and gas lease
  • Tell us how you received your Royalty Interest ( Mother, Father, Grandfather, please provide their full legal name)

We look forward to visiting with you. 


The 1280 Royalties Team