State Oil and Gas Agency Sites

Mineral Owners, this page was designed to help direct you to your state’s Oil and Gas Commission website. Many of these sites will provide information to you about the following: Area Oil and Gas Wells and Drilling Activity, Oil and Gas Production, Drilling Permits, Spacing Orders, Hearing Dockets, State Oil and Gas Rulings and much more.

It is very important for Mineral Owners to become familiar with the current activity in their area of Mineral Ownership and understand the different Oil and Gas Operators in their area. Look to see what kind of wells they are drilling.  Are they horizontal wells?  If so, what is the size of the spacing units they are drilling on?  Are they 640 acre drilling units or 1280 acre drilling units? All of this will greatly impact the value of your mineral rights. Look on the Scout Tickets to determine what formation they are targeting. For instance, in the Williston Basin it is common to see one well that is targeting the Middle Bakken Formation and another in the same drilling unit targeting the Three Forks Formation.

Many of these State Oil and Gas Websites will offer a premium service which is typically a monthly charge to your credit card. It is highly recommended that you subscribe to the premium service for your respective state website. This will give you detailed information to assist your understanding about your Minerals.