Review Process: Selling Mineral Rights & Working Interest

When looking into selling mineral rights or working interest, our team of oil and gas professionals will evaluate your assets in a timely and professional manner and will then share those results with you.  The more information you provide to us will result in a more accurate analysis and estimated value of your mineral rights.

Here is how the process will work:

1. Our geologist will review the rocks to determine the viability of oil and gas production in your immediate area.

2. Producing wells will have economic summaries prepared including: Cash Flow Statements and Decline Curve analysis to determine EUR (Estimated Ultimate Recovery) of the fossil fuels.

3. If your properties are subject to an existing oil and gas lease, our land department will review your lease for its viability, royalty rate, governing language and primary term expiration.

After the evaluation process, we will submit an economic summary of assets estimated value, along with the decline curve analysis and cash flow statements prepared by our engineers.

Examples of a Bakken Decline Curve and Cash-Flow Statement:

To learn more about selling mineral rights, working interest, AFE’s, or ORRI’s, request a bid today.