Selling Weld County Mineral Rights

Ownership of mineral rights generally comes with questions: How do I determine the Value of my mineral rights? Should I hold or sell my mineral rights? Mineral rights and oil rights in Colorado, Wyoming, North Dakota, Oklahoma and Texas can bring considerable cash payouts, and selling mineral rights in Weld County, Colorado is no exception.

The unique aspect of mineral right ownership  is time. None of us really know when or if an oil and gas well will be drilled on the minerals. What this means is that the buyer who is purchasing the mineral rights is taking a big risk. The price of mineral rights in America is at an all time high do to the recent innovations in technology (Horizontal Drilling & Hydraulic Fracturing.) The prices being paid for these mineral rights are amounting to huge numbers. Mineral owners must consider the offers being made as it is often a considerable amount of money.

It’s also a gamble as to whether owners will benefit more by holding onto their mineral rights—or by selling them. There are considerations to contemplate. If an owner is offered a large amount of money now, that doesn’t mean those same rights will be worth a large amount of money in the future.  Turning down a large sum of money today could mean discovering later that the mineral rights or oil rights amounted to very little. Or it could mean an even larger amount of money was lost because the mineral rights turned out to be even more valuable than anticipated.

The only sure thing about mineral rights and oil rights is that it’s not a sure thing—until there is cash in hand.

If you own mineral rights in the most perspective townships in Weld County, Colorado, then it is likely you have a producing well on your mineral rights. The most common issue we hear from these mineral owners is that the royalty checks started out nice, but after six months the payment amounts decreased dramatically. This is typical of Niobrara wells. This is where 1280 Royalties, LLC, can help. We offer mineral owners an opportunity to sell half of their mineral rights—and keep the other half. This enables them to receive a lump sum payment,  up front while also allowing them to participate in any future wells that might be drilled.

The Niobrara Formation has proven to be very productive with the advancements in new drilling and completion technologies. Specifically the multi-stage plug and perf method, along with the horizontal drilling of 2-mile laterals on 1280-acre spacing units seems to be producing the highest EUR (estimated ultimate recovery) wells.

Regardless of the reason you are considering selling mineral rights in Weld County, Colorado, 1280 Royalties can assist you in making the best decision for your situation. Please call us for a bid today at 1-844-769-2548 to receive a bid. At 1280 Royalties, LLC, we have the experience to help you make decisions on your mineral or oil rights in Colorado, Wyoming, North Dakota, Texas, Oklahoma and many other States.

Contact 1280 Royalties, LLC, if you would like to learn about leasing or selling mineral rights in Weld County, Colorado, or if you would like to sell all or a portion of your working interest. Ask us for a free mineral evaluation by our in-house team of oil and gas professionals. Our team is actively pursuing the purchase of producing and nonproducing oil rights and mineral rights, overriding royalty interests, working interests, and AFEs in many of the resource plays across the United States.