Well its here and few of us thought that it could ever get this bad. The price of oil today was below $48 per barrel. This is going to shut down drilling in the Bakken for the foreseeable future likely and the price could get much worse. Mineral Owners in North Dakota should consider a sale now before things get much worse.

North Dakota has experienced a great change over the last 5 years, and it all can be credited to one amazing shale formation. The Bakken Shale! It has always been known that the Bakken Shale was rich with oil, but the wildcatter  oil men didn’t have the technology to properly extract the oil from the Bakken Shale  in economic quantities. So the formation sat dormant for nearly 50 years as other formations in the Williston Basin began to see production. One of the largest of these fields was found along the  Nesson Anticline in North Dakota. Many mineral owners that owned mineral rights on the Nesson Anticline in North Dakota made great amounts of money over time from the old conventional vertical wells drilled. But largely, many of the Mineral Owners in North Dakota never had any successful oil and gas wells drilled on their mineral rights. So they continued on with their lives scrapping by as farmers and ranchers.

The recent advancements in technology have created great wealth for North Dakota Mineral Owners looking to sellMinerals in North Dakota are now worth great amounts of money. A sale of your North Dakota mineral rights can allow for many different things: A new house, payment of student loans, medical bills paid off, retirement….. The bottom line is if you are a North Dakota Mineral Owner wanting to sell your mineral rights than you must consider 1280 Royalties, LLC. We have great expiernee working with mineral owners and selling your North Dakota Mineral Rights is not something to be taken lightly. That’s why at 1280, we work with our mineral owners to help them get their best values and fit . We look at the geology and run our engineering based on area wells. This will help us gain better understanding of the reserves left on your North Dakota Mineral Rights that you are considering selling.

Selling Your North Dakota Mineral Rights has never been easier. Call us 1280 Royalties if you are thinking of selling your minerals in ND.