Why Should I Sell My Minerals?

Mineral Owners are all very concerned about selling their mineral rights. We understand that for many people, selling their mineral rights has never been a consideration until recently. If your mineral rights are located in the Bakken Shale of North Dakota, Niobrara Shale In Weld County, Co the Powder River Basin in Wyoming or the Eagleford Shale in South Texas, then there is good news if you are a mineral owner wanting to sell your mineral rights, It couldn’t be a better time! The recent innovations in drilling and completion technologies have sent the value of mineral rights and royalties soaring! Mineral Owners should consider selling their mineral rights today to capitalize on these inflated values.

The recent decisions by OPEC, driven largely by the Saudi’s, has caused a crash in the price of oil. The Saudi’s have decided to try to drive American oil producers out of business by holding un-economic oil prices. Many experts think that this price is here to stay through a good majority of 2015. This directly hurts mineral right owners. The monthly check you get in the mail is down 50% from 6 months ago. We encourage you to talk with our team at 1280 Royalties to get a value of your mineral rights today and not expose yourself to anymore adverse market conditions.

Now the big question comes out…How do I Sell my Mineral Rights?
The Answer is Simple…..It involves 4 easy Steps!
1.  If your mineral rights are leased, send us a copy of the oil and gas lease and and a copy of your most recent royalty check.
2.  The geologist will review the location of your mineral rights.
3.  If 1280’s geologist is interested in the mineral rights then we will send to the engineer for review.
4.  The engineer reviews the potential reserves and and we make you an offer.

Mineral Owners want to know how long it will take to finalize a transaction. Here is the process:
1.  1280 Royalties makes an offer to purchase the mineral rights
2.  Mineral Right Owner accepts our offer by executing a letter agreement and mineral deed.
3. After receipt of the executed documents, 1280 Royalties initiates its title review process.
4.  We send our Landman to the county courthouse of the county and state in which your mineral rights are located in. He makes copies of all f the recorded courthouse documents and builds an abstract of all of the documents associated with your mineral rights.
5. The abstract is then sent to our title attorneys to build what is called a title opinion. The attorneys review all of the documents and chain out the transfer of ownership into the mineral owner.
6. Our attorneys then form their opinion and write their title report. This typically is anywhere from 10 -30 pages depending on the location of the mineral rights and their history.
7. We the determine from the title opinion what the title to the mineral rights is….meaning is it clean title or are their curatives items needed to be obtained in order to deliver clean and marketable title.

This is the process, and now you know how to successfully sell your mineral rights. We ask that if your are considering a sale of your mineral rights to contact 1280 Royalties, LLC and ask to speak with one of our on-staff Landmen.

1280 Royalties, LLC

“The Choice for Selling Your Mineral Rights and Royalties”