Sell or Lease Bakken Shale Mineral Rights and Royalties

The Bakken Shale is very possibly the most famous oil discovery in America in the last fifty years. It underlies most of Western North Dakota and Eastern Montana and can be found in the Central Williston Basin at around 10,000 feet deep. For many years, oil companies drilled through the shale and knew that it was loaded with oil and gas, but didn’t have the technology to extract it. That all changed in early 2009 with the great advancements in horizontal drilling and multi-stage fracing techniques. Now the Bakken Shale is producing over 1,000,000 barrels of oil per day!

Mineral Owners seeking to lease or sell Mineral Rights in the Bakken Shale, sell Working Interest, Oil and Gas Leases, or ORRI, you have come to the right place. 1280 Royalties, LLC is offering to purchase or lease your mineral rights and royalties throughout the Bakken Shale in North Dakota and Montana, and is dedicated to providing excellent service throughout the process. We are a privately held energy company, and our knowledge of and experience in the Williston Basin allows us to bring you the professional service you are seeking.

The Bakken Shale is a source rock formation discovered in 1953, located in North Dakota & Montana, and is rich with oil and gas. The practice of leasing and selling mineral rights and royalties in this area has been a common occurrence for decades.

Selling or Leasing your Mineral Rights in the Bakken Shale:

First, our geologist will review your mineral rights location in the Williston Basin. The concept is the same as real estate:  the location of your mineral rights will greatly impact their value, as some areas of the Basin are much better than others.  The estimated ultimate recovery (EUR) of the fossil fuels from your minerals will also be evaluated, along with the pre-existing Oil and Gas Lease on the mineral rights. The value of your mineral rights is dependent on the location in the Bakken Shale, current production rates, current commodity prices, and the Royalty Rate of your Oil and Gas Lease.

Sell Working Interest in the Bakken Shale:

1280 Royalties, LLC is also purchasing Non-Operated Working Interest in the Williston Basin prospective for the Bakken and Three-Forks Shales. Please call today to divest your Working Interest in the Bakken.

1280 Royalties, LLC is an ideal option for those seeking to Lease or Sell Bakken Shale Mineral Rights, sell Working Interest, Oil and Gas Leases, or ORRI. 1280 Royalties, LLC will prepare a professional mineral evaluation based upon the analysis from our reservoir engineer.

Upon completion of the evaluation process, 1280 Royalties will discuss the value of your mineral rights and determine if a sale would best fit your needs. For those interested in Leasing or Selling Bakken Shale Mineral Rights and Royalties, contact 1280 Royalties,LLC for a Free Mineral Evaluation by our in-house team of oil and gas professionals.

Below is a well log of the Bakken and Three Forks Shale Formations displaying the target formations being drilled.

Bakken-Three Forks Well Log