North Dakota Bakken Wells

This page is dedicated to providing estimated ultimate recovery (EUR) of oil and gas in a select number of North Dakota Bakken wells and in the greater Williston Basin Area. Mineral Owners in North Dakota can reference these wells to provide a an idea of the total amount of oil and gas that they can roughly expect to see from the subject wells. Remember that these numbers are just an estimate. North Dakota Mineral Owners can use this information to help consider a sale of their mineral rights in North Dakota.

If you are considering a sale of your mineral rights in the Bakken Shale in North Dakota, Please contact 1280 Royalties, LLC and we will prepare a cash flow model as demonstrated below on the wells that you own mineral rights in to assist you in the decision of selling your mineral rights.


North Dakota Bakken Wells


Dishon (1-30H)-SM ENERGY BAKKEN WELL-153-103-30-Williams County, North Dakota

Cathy Edwards Federal-T159N-92W-Sec.2-Burke County North Dakota

Johnson 30-19 (1-H)-26N-59E-30-Richland County, Montana

Kennedy (1-31M) 151N-96W-31-McKenzie County North Dakota