Sell or Lease Niobrara Shale Mineral Rights and Royalties

1280 Royalties, LLC is offering to lease and purchase mineral rights and royalties throughout the Niobrara Shale in Colorado. 1280 Royalties, LLC is knowledgeable about the DJ Basin, and our team is dedicated to providing mineral owners with reasonable and realistic prices for their mineral rights.

The Niobrara Shale produces vast amounts of natural gas and oil. It underlies most of the Great Plains in the U.S. and Canada. Selling your Niobrara Shale mineral rights and royalties has many financial benefits.  With a full evaluation of your mineral rights, you will gain an understanding as to the value of your minerals, and what they might be worth today. 1280 Royalties, LLC will take you through the evaluation process from start to finish to ensure that there are no problems with selling your mineral rights.  When you sell Niobrara Shale mineral rights, you receive a lump sum payment today vs. smaller monthly royalty checks every month.  You can convert your mineral rights to cash today.

When you have decided to sell or lease your Niobrara Shale mineral rights, 1280 Royalties, LLC  will make the transaction process an easy one. We are able to evaluate your mineral rights properly and determine the market value of your mineral rights. After evaluating your mineral rights, 1280 Royalties, LLC can provide an offer based on our own parameters and valuation metrics.

To learn more about selling or leasing your mineral rights in the Niobrara Shale, request a bid today.