Mineral Rights In Ohio

When searching for a company to sell mineral rights in Ohio, consider the help of 1280 Royalties. Not only are we a company that has many years of expertise, but we are dedicated to providing our customers with prices that are agreeable and dependable.

Anyone looking to sell mineral rights or royalties in Ohio has a reliable option with 1280 Royalties.  With the help from our geologist, we will review the rocks in your area to determine the viability and commerciality of the oil and gas production from minerals on your property. From there, we will create economic summaries to determine the estimated ultimate recovery (EUR) of the fossil fuels from your minerals.  Your lands will be researched for an existing oil and gas lease and then reviewed for viability, royalty rate, language and primary term expiration. Your minerals will then be submitted and given an estimated value.

1280 Royalties is an ideal option to use for those looking to sell mineral rights in Ohio. We have a team dedicated to the creation of overriding royalty interests and the acquisition of mineral rights. With many decades of experience, we can quickly evaluate your mineral rights and give an estimate for the mineral rights in a timely and professional manner. To learn more about your options or for a free mineral evaluation by our in-house team of oil and gas professionals, contact us today.