Lease or Sell Your Mineral Rights in Wyoming, Sell Working Interest

Mineral owners & Working interest owners wanting to sell Wyoming Mineral Rights, Royalties, Working Interest or ORRI, please consider 1280 Royalties, LLC. 1280 Royalties, LLC is able to provide an evaluation and offer for your mineral rights, royalties and working interest. We are offering to Lease mineral rights within the perspective counties in Wyoming as well as purchase AFE’s and Leases.

There are numerous reasons a mineral owners might decide to sell his or her mineral rights. Visit 1280 Royalties, LLC’s website to see the most common reasons  mineral owners decide to sell their mineral rights in Wyoming. You can have your Wyoming Mineral Rights and Royalties evaluated by our in-house team of professionals to help you in making the right decision.

If you’re looking to sell Wyoming Mineral rights, 1280 Royalties, LLC is an ideal option. 1280 Royalties, LLC is able to provide you with the proper evaluation you need to determine if now is the time to divest your mineral rights. Evaluating your mineral rights involves determining the viability and commercialism of the oil and gas production from the minerals, and determining the estimated ultimate recovery of the fossil fuels from the minerals. An economic summary of your mineral rights will be submitted for your consideration.

Call us today if you are wanting to lease or sell Mineral Rights in Wyoming, request a bid today.

Here is a Link to the Wyoming Oil and Gas Commission for your reference: