Sell Mineral Rights in Colorado

1280 Royalties, LLC is pursuing the purchase Colorado Mineral Rights and Royalties. Our team of professionals are able to evaluate your mineral rights and provide dependable estimates.

When looking to sell Colorado Mineral Rights, sell Working Interest, Oil and Gas Leases, or ORRI, 1280 Royalties, LLC will work to fit your needs if a sale of your mineral rights is in your future.  Sell Non-Operated Working Interest in the Niobrara in Colorado.

1280 Royaltieis an ideal option to consider if you’re interested in selling Colorado Mineral Rights.  We understand the DJ Basin, and can quickly evaluate your minerals and the surrounding area. Our team has decades of experience in the oil and gas industry.  We put our effort towards accumulating mineral rights throughout Colorado.

If you’re looking to sell mineral rights and royalties, 1280 Royalties is here to help you in a successful sale. We understand that your Colorado Mineral Rights and Royalties are important to you. We are also offering to purchase Working Interest, AFE’s, and ORRI in the Niobrara Shale. Please call if you are considering a sale.

To learn more about your Colorado Mineral Rights and options or for a free mineral evaluation, contact us today.


The following video was created to help Colorado Mineral Right Owners navigate the Colorado Oil and Gas Commission (COGC) Website:

Mineral Owners in Colorado, especial in Weld County, can use this website to see well production, drilling permits, active drilling rigs, etc., which may help evaluate if  selling their mineral rights in Colorado is the right move for you.